Lawyer’s Bow

Welcome to the Lawyer’s Bow End User License Agreement.

Article 1:

This agreement is done between you (the player) and Rablo Games, a video game company based in Belgium.

Article 2:

The player wants to use a specific item named “Lawyer’s Bow” within the game Healer’s Quest. Please note that ANY usage of the Lawyer’s Bow outside of the game Healer’s Quest is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!!

Article 3:

Rablo Games cannot be held responsible for any injury, murder, scratch, arrow in the butt, broken glass or anything that may result from the use or misuse of the Lawyer’s Bow. By using the Lawyer’s Bow, you specifically agree that whatever you do with it is under your sole responsibility.

Article 4:

While using the Lawyer’s Bow, 50% of the gold gained with it will be automatically redirected to Rablo Games’ pockets before the Victory screen.


If you agree to these conditions, you can equip the Lawyer’s Bow.