Healer’s Quest Changelist

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Healer’s Quest v0.0.91 change list :


Female healer added in the character creation screen.

Some dialogs have been changed when playing as a female healer.

The demo now stops after level 8 instead of level 7.

Regeneration Ring now doesn’t regenerate health during dialogs anymore.

Bloody Bow now doesn’t drain Beauty’s health during dialogs anymore.

Missing french translations have been implemented in the shop, inventory and victory screen.

Typos have been corrected


Healer’s Quest Changelist v.0.1.83c –> v.0.1.85

  • Music continues playing instead of restarting when you retry a level.
  • When playing in hard difficulty, you won’t have access to all the spells at level 6 anymore! (this was a big one)
  • Price of all items in the shop is now 30 gold instead of 125.
  • There is now a panel displaying informations when you arrive on the world map for the first time.
  • Pressing the up arrow key to move on the world map now display the correct animation
  • The boulders (trolls) should now fall vertically on your characters instead of diagonally
  • Pressing S on the world map to access the spell upgrade screen now doesn’t work before you can upgrade spells.
  • You get more clear indication when you succeed the “Boost” (Big stars) tutorial at level 4. Tanky will pose and say “Good Job”.
  • You can now press Esc to exit the Worldmap menu.
  • You can’t pause the game anymore after losing or winning a level (this caused problems)