Casual Connect

(Version française ci-dessous) Hey everyone, I just came back from Casual Connect (Berlin), and it has been an amazing week! I was lucky enough to be selected to show my game there, and I met many great people. It was so inspiring to get feedback from fellow devs & industry veterans! My next milestone is theContinue reading “Casual Connect”

(English version below) Salut à tous, Come prévu l’alpha de Healer’s Quest  a commencé le mois passé pour les backers Kickstarter. Le feedback que j’ai reçu des joueurs est excellent ! Je suis super content que les testeurs apprécient le jeu à ce point et ferai de mon mieux pour garder ce niveau de qualité à l’avenir.Continue reading

Alpha started!

Hey everyone, Great news! The alpha of Healer’s Quest started yesterday! It has been a lot of work to reach this milestone but I was very happy to send all the alpha keys to the backers who pledged for it on Kickstarter. Alpha testers will be able to test the first 40% of the gameContinue reading “Alpha started!”

Hi everyone, It’s time for a news update about Healer’s Quest’s development! 🙂 Before anything I should tell you how cool it is to be able to work full time on my passion project. I’ll never thank my Kickstarter backers enough for the opportunity they gave me to create Healer’s Quest in much better conditions!Continue reading

Hi everyone, As you may know, I’ve now been able to pause my day job for some time and work on Healer’s Quest full time! This is litterally my dream becoming true, and I will never thank my Kickstarter backers enough for their help! 🙂 I started this 4 days ago, Monday June 13th, andContinue reading

Healer’s Quest is on Kickstarter!

That’s it. We’re there. Healer’s Quest is now on Kickstarter! Here is the link : Please take a look at the page, and consider supporting the project. I really need everyone’s help to go through this. Don’t miss the playable demo which is given at the top of the Kickstarter page. I hope you’llContinue reading “Healer’s Quest is on Kickstarter!”