Alpha started!

Hey everyone,

Great news! The alpha of Healer’s Quest started yesterday! It has been a lot of work to reach this milestone but I was very happy to send all the alpha keys to the backers who pledged for it on Kickstarter.

Alpha testers will be able to test the first 40% of the game in a feature-complete, relatively polished version.

Where does the game’s development stand at the moment?

  • I’d say the game is about 85% done. All gameplay mechanics are in place. It’s not impossible that I’ll add some little things, but all in all, it can be considered finished.
  • Character progression (including levelling up, spells, spells’ upgrades and items) is finished. Needs further balancing, but this will be done during the alpha and beta test phases.
  • The first and second dungeons are 100% finished (once again, balancing is temporary).
  • My known bugs list is nearly empty! \o/
  • Two of the three remaining dungeons are at around 50% finished

On a side note I also created a subreddit for Healer’s Quest discussions. You can find it here :

It’s the best place if you want to join me and other Healer’s Quest players/fans. Of course there’s also the classical Twitter account, Facebook page and Kickstarter updates.

Ok, I’m back to development guys!

Take care,