Hi everyone,

It’s time for a news update about Healer’s Quest’s development! 🙂

Before anything I should tell you how cool it is to be able to work full time on my passion project. I’ll never thank my Kickstarter backers enough for the opportunity they gave me to create Healer’s Quest in much better conditions!

In the past month, I’ve been able to work full time on Healer’s Quest, and thus make stunning progress in the game’s development! Among other things I’ve been able to:

  • finish the complete equipment system, and implement the 100 unique objects (rings, weapons and bracers) that you will loot and equip in the game.
  • draw and implemented a new enemy : Mages!


  • Implement 2 new abnormal statuses : Sleep and Fear
  • Add a brand new mechanic : Angry moves
  • Draw and implement Innsinn05
  • Rework the World Map
  • Compose around 4 new themes
  • Work on new dialogs & scenario
  • Many, many other things!

All mechanics are now in place and the game is playable until the end of the first dungeon. In the next weeks I plan to balance the first dungeon and continue implementing the rest of the game. I’m still hoping for the alpha to start in August. It will be reserved for Kickstarter backers, as I’m not a fan of the early access system. At least not for a solo game like Healer’s Quest.

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Take care!

Pablo Coma