Funding successful on Kickstarter

Hi everyone,

Great News, Healer’s Quest has been successfully funded on Kickstarter! It was a very hard fight to get there, but we did it! Big thanks to my 279 backers and to everyone who shared the news about the game!

So what’s next?

First I need a couple days to recover. It has been an exhausting ordeal for a single man used to be alone behind his computer in a relaxed atmosphere. Starting next week I’ll take back the serious work on the game. During my spare time at first then, thanks to you, I’ll be able to take a big break from my day job and work full time on the game! (don’t worry, my boss agreed for that before the campaign started. She even backed the project)

It may not sound like much to you, but it’s litterally my dream becoming reality. I’ve run video game projects since I was 13, and always dreamed to be able to earn my life from them.

Moreover, the awesome feedback I’ve received from Healer’s Quest community motivates me to push the boundaries of what I was trying to make with the game. I really want the game to become something special!

Let’s keep in touch!