Nearly there!

Hi everyone,

In less than 24 hours, Healer’s Quest will be live on Kickstarter! Can you imagine how I feel now? I’m not a well-known game developer, so I will definitely need your help to go through this.

In a nutshell, success would mean that I will be able to live my dream : be paid to work on my game. As I do everything alone, I don’t need to pay artists, developers and musicians. I just need time to work on my game. But with a full-time day job for which I have to travel 240 km per day, I don’t have so much time to do so. From monday to friday I generally leave my home around 6 AM and am back around 8 PM, which leaves very few time to see my children and work on my project. Basically just nights and week-ends.

I can’t wait to be able to work full time on Healer’s Quest!


You’ll hear from me very soon! Thank you for reading!