Healer’s Quest has loots!

Hi everyone,

A development blog update was due for a long time and I finally take the time to write it. As you probably know, I’m making Healer’s Quest alone, including all artistic and technical aspect as well as marketing. I like to focus purely on development for some time then get my head out of the water to communicate about the game once there is something new to tell. I know this is very bad and this year I’ll try to be more assiduous with communication! πŸ˜‰

I’ve really made some great progress lately and I’m sure you’ll like it! My main work has been the implementation of the inventory, including character sheet screen, loots, treasures, shops and such things. Healer’s Quest will feature 100 unique artefacts such as the Ring of Stupidity, the Butt Kicker Axe or the Gentleman’s Amulet. The playable demo has 20 items implemented so far and I guess I’ll do the rest after the crowdfunding campaign.


And while we are speaking of the Crowdfunding campaign… I have a release date for it! Healer’s Quest’s Kickstarter will be live on April 7th 2016, which is the Internationnal Health Day. Seems logical to choose this date, don’t you think? πŸ™‚ The playable demo will also go live on this date.

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Thanks a lot for your interest in the project! <3

Pablo Coma